[KIBAR Talk] God Exists and I can Prove it

The Aqeeda stipulates that behind the universe, man and life, there is a Creator who created them all and created everything, who is Allah. Also, that this Creator created everything out of nothing and that His existence is inevitable. Hence, He is not created; otherwise He would not be a Creator. To bear the quality of being a Creator necessitates that he is not created and that his existence is inevitable, because all things depend for their existence on Him and He does not depend on anything.

As for the fact that things must have a Creator, this is because the things that can be perceived by reason are man, life and the universe. These are limited, weak, imperfect and in need of other than themselves.

Man is limited, because he grows in every aspect to a certain limit that he cannot surpass. Life is also limited, because it manifests itself only in individuals and ends with the individual, thus it is limited. The universe is also limited because it is the sum of celestial bodies and each body is limited and the sum of limited things is evidently limited.

Therefore man, life and the universe are definitely limited. When we ponder on the limited thing, we see that it is not eternal, otherwise it would not be limited; hence, the limited thing must be created by other than itself and this other is the Creator of man, life and the universe!

This Creator, is either created by someone else, created himself, or eternal and whose existence is inevitable. It is false that He is created by someone else, because if so He would be limited. As for him being self created, the ramification of which would be simultaneously being created by himself and creating himself, so this is also false. Hence the Creator must be eternal and His existence inevitable. He is Allah the Supreme.

Anyone who has the rational faculty can perceive from the mere existence of things that fall under his sensation that these have a Creator, because what is manifest is that they are all imperfect, weak and dependant; thus they are definitely created.

Therefore it is sufficient to draw one’s attention to anything in the universe, life and man to prove the existence of the Creator and Maker. Hence, looking at any celestial body of the universe, contemplating upon any fact of life and perceiving any aspect of man, gives decisive evidence about the existence of Allah, the Supreme.

by Br. Younes (Ken Foster)

Broadcasted live at KIBAR Talk

Thursday 25th APril 2013

15 Jumadil Akhir 1434 H
Compiled  by Rahmat Sifaurahman

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