[KAG2017] Info Transportasi menuju Madina Masjid

Seksi Transporatasi KAG 2017 menyusun booklet info perjalanan di Sheffield menuju ke tempat acara di Masjid Madina, Sheffield Panduan dapat diakses online di :  https://goo.gl/iMqdmZ atau di unduh dalam bentuk PDF dengan mengklik icon dibawah This booklet might serve as a loose guide, participants are expected to evaluate their travel itinerary to Sheffield and plan […]

Transport to Muath Centre

  F.A.Q. Transport Options to Muath Centre from City Centre First, you can check which one the suitable route from your departure with Google Maps, or Network West Midlands Apps From: Your Location To: B11 1AR (Muath Centre Post Code)   How to go to Muath Centre There are several ways to arrive at Birmingham Birmingham Airport […]