Detailed Agenda
KIBAR Spring Gathering 2011
Southampton, 16 – 17 April 2011

Sabtu, 16 April 2011

11.00-11.45      Registration (Moderator/PIC:OC)
11.45-11.50      opening ceremony starts
11.50-12.00      Tilawa Al-Quran (Moderator/PIC:OC)
12.00-12.15      Welcome Speech. Speaker: KIBAR Committee
12.15-13.00      Opening Speech. Speaker: Yuri Thamrin, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Kingdom
13.00-14.15      Dzuhur and Lunch (Jama’ah 14:00) (Moderator/PIC: OC)
14.15-16.15      The Role of Islam on community development: Lesson Learned from Sirah Nabi, Shahabat and the era of 4 guided Caliphates and its relevance to the current context. Speaker: Dr. Abdul Bari (MCB). (moderator: Mr. Dono Widyatmoko)
16.15-18.15      Sharing the paramount message of Islam in secular world . Speaker: Brother. Mohammad Hillal. (moderator: Mr. Muchtar Arifin Sholeh)
18.15-18.45      Ashar (Jamaah 18:30)
18.45-20.00      Islamic Perspective on Sustainable Development. Speaker: Dr. Abram Perdana.          (Moderator: Ikhwana)
20.00-21.00      Maghrib and Dinner (Jam’ah 20:07)
21.00-22.00      Charity Activities. Speaker: Charity Officer. (moderator/PIC: OC)
22.00-23.00      Coordination Meeting. Speaker: KIBAR President
23.00-05.30      Individual Activities (Moderator/PIC: OC)

Ahad, 17 April 2011

05.00-06.30      Shubuh and Sport (PIC: OC)
06.30-08.00      Breakfast (PIC : OC)
08.00-09.30      Islamic Economic System for Community Development. Speaker: MES. (moderator: Rizal Yaya)
09.30-11.00      Enhancing our role in today’s society based on Islamic teaching. Speaker: Panel Discussion. (moderator: Tri Widayatno)
11.00-11.30      Children Show. Speaker: KIBAR Kids Division. (moderator/PIC: Denny Kurniawan)
11.30-12.00      Closing Ceremony. (PIC: OC)
12.00-14.00      Bazar (PIC: OC)

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